About ToNETix

Pat And Carol

Pat & Carol – The ToNETix Duo

How Did It All Begin
And In Such A Short Time

In February 2008, Carol was recovering in hospital from a serious injury.

Having been told by her doctors not to do any form of physical exercise for a long period of time, she dreaded the thought of becoming unfit and more importantly, un-toned!  It was then a series of toning techniques were devised but they had to be done discreetly (since she was not supposed to be doing anything)!  That is how the techniques were born.

Pat came to Mallorca for a month’s sabbatical, four years ago!!!  She was working in Personal Development and Marketing on the Internet with a goal to provide easy ways for people to get better results in there day to day life… in Mind Body and Soul and had found a very commercial way of delivering a program via the internet.

Chance brought Carol and Pat together and they hit it off as friends, walking regularly and getting to know each other, they realized they had a desire to assist others get better results in life.

Carol was at that time perfecting her personally developed Toning Techniques and thought these techniques would be wonderful to share with busy people who do not have hours to go to the gym. This also dovetailed perfectly with Pat’s desire to give people tools to enhance their every day life, thus improving Mind, Body and Soul.

This friendship and business relationship evolved into the perfect partnership and it was decided to market this innovative project – ToNETix.

It was crucial to measure the interest levels in these unique techniques and so it was decided to set the ball in motion and a consumer market research campaign was launched with amazing results.

The name ToNETix was devised because the NET is where ToNETix is to be marketed and sold and that is how ToNETix, toning techniques on the Net was born.