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Facial Fitness

August 20, 2012


It is no wonder facial exercise is getting so much recognition recently. Although it’s been around a while, it has only been recently been totally proved to be the best natural skin care tactics for healthier, more toned, younger looking skin.
The fact that it can be done can be done anywhere, anytime makes it easy and all that is required is a bit of your time every day.
‘Face It’ takes less than five minutes at a time for the whole program or, the ‘Face It’ techniques are so versatile, you can target any part of the face and neck, depending on what you want to focus on so it will take as little as two minutes at a time.
No creams and no skin care recipes for that matter will make much difference if the deeper layers of the skin structure are not taken care of. Underlying muscles support the skin providing smoothness and firmness. If those muscles are not exercised, just like other body muscles, their tonus weakens and the skin becomes loose and lined.
Start doing them regularly; they’ll become familiar and a part of your routine. You brush your teeth everyday, it is just as important to look after your face and once you start seeing the results, any scepticism will go away!
Remember: Do it regularly, be persistent and you’ll see great results in the first week! All of the results in these photos were achieved in one week!

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Male Facial Improvement, Guys get more looks from the girls, within days

December 14, 2011


Facial Improvement without surgery, get rid of the double chin without growing a beard.

Laurence has been waiting until he had some extra time and a clear mind before he started “Face It” by Tonetix. He is now wishing he hadn’t waited! In just two days, he knew the techniques and is now doing them routinely. After just seven days he has seen remarkable results.

The techniques are simple, quick and effective and you really do see incredible results in days! Don’t wait any longer! Get started today and see what you will achieve in days! If you’re not happy after two weeks, we’ll give you your money back! To get your hands on “Face It”, go to: www.tonetix.com/register

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October 22, 2011



Diana now has completed the recommended four week period of performing the techniques from “Face It’s” Part one program and is ready to include Part Two into her day. The first set of techniques will now be routine making it easier to build in a few more simple “Face It” techniques. You can clearly see that Diana has taken years off her look in one month! Diana’s skin is tighter, complexion softer and smoother, her neck and jowl area is drastically improved and will improve more with Part Two.
How would you like to look ten years younger? Put your name and email address in the box opposite and claim your FREE videos.

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September 15, 2011


JUST SHY OF SEVENTY!!Facial Improvement, Mary, just shy of seventy!

Only two weeks into using “Face It”, plumper cheeks, reduced lines around the ears, position of the ‘beauty spot’ due to tighter skin, a fresh, more youthful complexion and more importantly, a happier Mary!  Read Mary’s personal comments on: www.facebook.com/tonetix

(the photos are as we received them)

To find out when “Face It” is available to the public and claim your complimentary video series, pop in your name and email address on the right and gain instant access!



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August 8, 2011

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Calling, all NEW MUMS,transform your Body.. without the strict regime and hiring a private chef! Watch that tummy flatten in no time! No need to make major sacrifices,claim your complimentary video series now.

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Wimbledon Champion Mallorca Born Rafael Nadal get the thumbs up

June 22, 2011


Rafael Nadal gets the thumbs up! From the Tonetix Duo!

Puerto Portals is the glitzy marina situated in Portals Nous, 9km from Palma. It is a favourite spot of celebrities, social high flyers and even Royalty and so is a great place for people watching. It’s even great just to visit to see the amazing pleasure yachts that look more like ocean liners! There are lots of wonderful restaurants and bars and a great night life. It is also famous for various sporting events such as major yachting regattas, vintage car and Harley Davidson reunions, exhibitions, Three Kings Parade and much more. There is a small but beautiful beach which is tucked away but worth seeking out.
Enjoy our taster!

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